PLEXUS MA 310 incl. metall-primer PC120 / Construction adhesive

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Contet of the kit:

10 x 50 ml cartiges with PLEXUS MA 310

10 x 1 mixing tubes

1x100 ml PLEXUS metall-primer PC 120 red

With this 2-component construction adhesive is for example a very quick emergency grp-repair on the road possible. However, aluminum-, steel-and fiberglass-connections are permanently available. Short cure times under 15 minutes possible.Keel bolts are fixed with this system. 4 mixing tubes are included. To use this cartridge has a small hand gun is specially needed. Please order separately.


Metall bonding:

Please primer the metallsurface with PC120, wait 1 minute bevore bonding. GRP with GRP bonding: Use no primer! Only sanding with 80er sandingpaper.