SELVIDA SPRAY CAN GELCOAT KIT red violet RAL 4002, spray version

SELVIDA SPRAY CAN GELCOAT KIT red violet RAL 4002, spray version

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149.00 / set(s)

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With this complete kit you can easily and quickly remove scratches and damage to your gelcoat-surface!


  • 1 Aerosols with gelcoat and harder, 400ml
  • 100 ml GRP Cleaner
  • 3 grinding pads (coarse, medium, fine)
  • 1 tube 100 ml polishing paste, Silicone free
  • 1 bottle of 250 ml Sealer
  • 1 Hand Polishing Sponge, washable
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • plastic case gray



  • Gelcoat and Harder  - Just press and spray!

​A quik guide or video?

  1. See product information download Handbook below
  2. Check out our You Tube channel Mr.SELVIDA
  • Remove red release button from lid cap
  • Mount on bottom and
  • press firmly
  • Hardener escapes –
  • shake long and vigorously
  • Dispose of first spray jet
  • Apply 150μ per layer, allow
  • each layer to air dry before
  • applying the next
  • Wait for curing
  • Grind and polish
  • Seal


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Handbook Download

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